Laois 2016 Programme

This year Ireland commemorates the centenary of the Easter Rising. A national programme of commemoration has been launched, and Laois will take part in this. If you or your community would like to submit an event and take part please register below.




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The Ireland 2016 centenary programme is built on Seven Programme Strands which, taken together, reflect the themes of Remembering, Reconciling, Presenting, Imagining and Celebrating. The programme will continue to grow and develop over the coming months. To see the updated programme, other county programmes and the national programme for 2016, please visit

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Welcome To the Laois 2016 Programme

In 2016, Ireland commemorates the centenary of the Easter Rising. A national programme of commemoration has been launched, and Laois will take part in this.

Our plans for the commemoration of 1916 in Laois will follow the seven strands of the national commemoration, with projects and events presented here under each of the seven strands: Ceremonial, Historical Reflection, the Irish language programme an Teanga Bheo, Youth and Imagination, Cultural Expression, Community Participation, and Global and Diaspora.

In addition to the story of local events, the effects of the Easter Rising have been felt in Laois, as elsewhere in the country, for the decades which followed the Rising, through the War of Independence and the Civil War, and through the past 100 years to today. The commemorations in 2016 will explore and reflect on the Easter Rising in Laois, including both the local events and activities, and the wider national personalities, events and impacts.

For the Centenary of the 1916 Rising, we will commemorate these local events, the people involved and the families affected, through cultural performances, publications, historical reflections and education programmes. We will also commemorate the ideals, people and events of Easter 1916 in a broader context, with a reflection on our history as a nation and our development as a people, through the full programme of events and activities described here.

The Commemoration of the Centenary of 1916 in Laois is led by the Laois Commemorations Committee , a group comprising Elected Members of Laois County Council, the Heritage, Arts, Libraries and Tourism Departments, and community representation including Laois Heritage Society, Laois Partnership and Laois Teachers Education Centre. The plans to date have been informed by extensive public consultation and the involvement of all parts of the community remains an important aspect of our commemorations.

Our programme of engagement started in 2015 with a period of reflection on the people and events of 1916 both at national and local level, and with projects to encourage public debate on the topics and themes of the commemoration.

Some projects will be delivered at County level, through the Laois Commemoration Committee . Others will be community projects, delivered at local level by community groups of various types. These will be supported through the Community Grants Scheme.

It will be important that in our commemorations there is a respect for all traditions, and an opportunity to honour all of those who have brought freedom and peace to our nation, and to fulfil the promise of the Proclamation through “cherishing all of the children of the nation equally”.

A key measure of the success of the programme of commemorations in Laois will be level of community engagement with the programme. Our emphasis will be on delivering high quality projects which accurately reflect the aims of the programme and which engage members of the public.